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What Are Fact Cards?

Quick reference in an easy-to-use format 

Fact Cards are a series of research resources designed for quick reference for students in grades 4 through 8. The topics covered by Fact Cards are those California, United States, and World topics included in the social studies curriculum in California. For the past ten years, printed Fact Cards have been used extensively in California elementary and middle schools, as well as in public libraries. 

Tools for the beginning researcher 

A presentation style that offers quick facts in manageable portions makes Fact Cards the ideal reference resource for students who are just beginning to learn research procedures. 

A ready reference source for all libraries 

While Fact Cards are written at the 4th-, 5th- and 6th grade reading levels, older students and adults appreciate the quick access to basic facts and figures on these topics. Printed Fact Cards have been used as ready reference sources in many public and school libraries, as well as in classrooms. 

and now
FACT CARDS are available in this online web database

With the same simple structure as the original Fact Cards, SOCIAL STUDIES FACT CARDS ONLINE brings you a wealth of information. You will now have facts you can count on -- at your fingertips -- in this easy-to-use on line database.

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